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SUSANNE L. BLACKBURN, Certified Appraiser, is the owner of ARTIQUES Expert Appraisal Service located in Northern CA. Susanne is a CERTIFIED APPRAISER in good standing with the CERTIFIED APPRAISERS GUILD of AMERICA; one of the top four appraisal organizations in North America that tests and trains their appraisers before certification. CAGA is the largest trainer of Personal Property Appraisers in North America. Susanne has been a member of CAGA for the past five years. Prior to that, Susanne was an ACCREDITED APPRAISER with the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY of APPRAISERS for five years, and prior to that, she was a CERTIFIED APPRAISER with the NEW ENGLAND APPRAISAL SOCIETY.Susanne offers you 35+ years experience in Art, Antiques & Collectibles. Artiques Appraisal Service specializes in Certified Appraisals of PERSONAL PROPERTY including Residential Contents, Decorative Arts, Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Machinery & Equipment, Business Inventory & Equipment and Horses-Farm & Ranch equipment & Western Memorabilia.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


1) Does your Certification train and test its members?
2) What qualifies you to appraise my property?
3) How will you appraise items beyond your expertise?
4) What is your fee and on what basis do you charge?
5) What will the finished appraisal report consist of?
6) Can the appraisal be used for legal purposes?
7) When can I expect the appraisal to be completed?
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  • An Appraisal is the act or process of determing value, estimating cost, or determining the present worth of fore-casted earnings. An appraisal is an independent, unbiased estimate of value that often serves as a cornerstone in a transaction. Professional appraisers value property with independence and objectivity. An appraisal report is written documentation of the information discovered in an organized format.
  • Appraisals should be clear and descriptive. They should contain good pictures of the property if at all possible.
  • A Written Appraisal is made by initially conducting an on-site inspection and preparing a hand-written description of the property along with photographs. Later, the descriptions are finalized, necessary research is conducted and the appropriate values are assigned.
  • Appraisals are formal reports that give you information you need in a complete and organized way. They are standardized, comprehensive and thoroughly researched. They include comparables of similar items with documentation when available. They cover market trends. They are written in a way which relates to the purpose and function of each individual appraisal need.
  • An appraisal is considered a legal document if it is written by a certified or accredited appraiser.
  • The Client receives two type-written copies of the appraisal report along with the appraisal document and photographs of the appraised items on a CD or DVD. Artiques Appraisal Service retains the appraisal report and pictures for three years. Additional copies of the appraisal report may be purchased.
  • If upon the preliminary examination of your item, it is determined that the value does not warrant a professional appraisal, you will be advised at that time and only charged for your initial visit, a minimum one-hour fee.





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Professional written & researched Appraisals are needed for:

  • Probate

  • Estate Settlements

  • Divorce Settlements

  • Damage Claims

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Law Enforcement

  • Bankruptcy

  • Liquidation

  • Collateral

  • Business Insurance

Certified Appraisals are considered LEGAL DOCUMENTS if  they are prepared by a Certified Appraiser.  We also offer Estate Evaluations, Liquidation Referrals, Research, Consultation and Identification.


  • Adhere to the Ethics & Guidelines of the Appraisers chosen Professional Organization
  • Follow the mandates of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice-authorized by Congress as the source of Appraisal Standards and Appraisal Qualifications as set forth by THE APPRAISAL FOUNDATION
  • Include the methodology used and sources relied upon for value conclusions including market analysis and markets selected.